Masonic Membership Value Exchange - A Conversation Starter

Throughout the history of Freemasonry, the “wisdom of the ages” has been primarily passed along from mouth to ear. Whether from Intender (teacher) to Candidate (student) or Brother to Brother, the conversations held between these men forged our fraternal bonds and provided the foundation of our love and respect for one another. Regardless of our age, financial, ethnic, religious, etc. backgrounds, we promote a common purpose and mission as Freemasons - to represent and promote a quality life filled with honor, integrity, brotherly love, freedom, equality, tolerance, learning, and service to mankind.

As quality men of sound character, we receive significant value from being an active member of our ancient and honorable fraternity. Through thoughtful conversations as Brothers and friends, we learn from one another and share how we enjoy the several unique experiences available to us as Freemasons. A frequently asked question is “What are the primary motivations, expectations, and needs of current and future members of Illinois Freemasonry (especially men under 40 years old)?" The answer is: These good men are fundamentally seeking three types of experiences from Illinois Freemasonry which are:

1. Opportunities for Fellowship
2. Opportunities to Learn
3. Opportunities to Make a Difference and Contribute

To help the Brethren with conversations both amongst ourselves and with men seeking to learn more about Freemasonry, we created the “Masonic Membership Value Exchange - A Conversation Starter” document; it is a tool to assist with these important discussions.  Quite simply, keep a copy of the document and hand a copy to the other men in the discussion and ask them to read it.  Once done, then ask “what jumped out of the page at you?” or “what did you find most interesting?”  That’s it!  The conversation will naturally take off from there.  Please keep in mind that a man’s reasons for joining us and staying an active Mason are personal, and we want to encourage him to share those thoughts in these discussions; of course, you should share your reasons as well. Talking and listening to one another is powerful!

Our fraternity is one of the most nimble, flexible and adaptable organizations in history.  We have been able to capture the hearts and minds of good men located around the world for more than 300 years. Yes, we have found a way to provide value and relevance in the daily lives of good men living in the 1700s, 1800s, 1900s and today.  Finally, the work that we do together in this age will pave the way for the next 100 years of our Gentle Craft.

Our Grand Lodge Membership Committee is here to assist you.

R.W.BRO. WAYNE SPOONER - Membership Committee Chairman - Grand Chaplain.