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My dear Brother,

We call this event a Festival for few reasons: First, because it is a Celebration. A Celebration of the Universal Freemasonry in its fullest extent. During one day, Master Masons have the opportunity to dive into our rituals by deepening their knowledge and witnessing our ritual being executed with excellence.

For the candidate it is a great honor because he has the opportunity to complete his degrees and be welcomed into our fraternity in a very special way. Remember that Festivals occur rarely. The last one we had was almost 10 years ago!

Thirdly, because it is a unique opportunity to be together, united, celebrating our fraternal bonds. It's a great fellowship opportunity.

Join us, let us all celebrate Freemasonry, and let us celebrate the inexorable values that unite us and compel us to be the best version of ourselves!

For the candidates and Brethren with "unfinished work": I would like to personally invite you to attend a unique and historic event. For all of the men who get raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason during this event, it will be a cherished memory on his Masonic journey; a day of true Celebration of Freemasonry in the State of Illinois. I am delighted to be able to specially welcome you to continue your journey and be part of this Celebration. If you wish to take advantage of this special opportunity, contact the Secretary,  Worshipful Master of your Lodge or our Grand Lodge by emailing our office at


Greg L. Clark
M.W. Grand Master

“Masons living masonry each and every day.”

**Lodge Officers you may download the FORMS, FLYER AND REGISTRATION CARD HERE

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