Together WE ARE ONE Illinois Freemasonry

Together WE ARE ONE  Illinois Freemasonry

By Gregory L. Clark, M.W.

One of the greatest things about Freemasonry is the values it emphasizes and teaches us to uphold, whether it’s peace, liberty, or the equality of all people. Freemasonry, through Enlightenment, has been a monumental force in driving forth these priceless values. Regardless of any boundaries created by culture, ethnicity, nationality, socioeconomic status, or race, Freemasonry has sought to be a bridge for men of different backgrounds--it has transformed strangers into Brothers!

As we have continued to shape Freemasonry, an important part of our work has been to instill and bring forth our values into our society. We have the responsibility to build bridges and come together as Brothers across what may have divided us. As Grand Master, I am proud to announce the "Grand Reception” that will take place on May 11th. This will be a historical event where as Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Illinois, I will be received together with  Bro. Aubrey K. Barlow, Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of F. & A.M. of the State of Illinois & its Jurisdictions in a historical joint ceremony. 

This Reception will not only be an opportunity to honor our relationship with the Prince Hall Grand Lodge and its members, it will also be an occasion to reaffirm our efforts of reconciliation by further demonstrating our Brotherhood can, and will, become stronger because of our mutual respect and love for one another.

What Freemasonry highlights is: we are all equals, creatures alike crafted by the hands of God. We are all Brothers, whether through the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Illinois or the Grand Lodge of Illinois, we are united and driven to live our lives pursuing the same values. The endeavors of one or few cannot be compared to that of many; when we come together, we strengthen our efforts to pursue our True Masonic Values and continue the legacy of our Ancient Craft. The past cannot be ignored or erased, but the future can, when we choose to come together across boundaries, be pursued and molded to further the values we proudly carry as "One Freemasonry”!

Bro. Gregory L. Clark

M. W. Grand Master

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