A Speakers Bureau and an Updated Reading List.

My Brethren,

Warm fraternal greetings. This past weekend was among the busiest weekends in my recollection for Illinois Freemasonry. I joked to my cohort that "no Mason should be on his couch today for lack of activity."  There were events help across the state aimed at developing the hearts and minds of our individual Brethren. 

I had the pleasure of participating in the education-focused activities held near Champaign. We were able to host two Brothers from the Grand Lodge of North Carolina's Masonic Education Committee who shared their wealth of knowledge and experience with our young committee. In the coming years, I expect to look back on this meeting as a significant turning point in Masonic Education in Illinois.

Brothers Ben Wallace and Tony Rathbone presented the detailed programs that they have developed in North Carolina. Some of these programs exist to some degree here in Illinois and those that do not exist have consistently been suggested to our committee by Masons throughout Illinois. Both Brothers encouraged us to realize those needs and set them as a priority for Illinois. I am happy to share that our committee is working diligently to launch two of these programs: a speakers bureau and an updated reading list.

You should expect to see additional communication regarding these two initiatives in the coming weeks. A speakers bureau will provide a resource for lodges to find and contact presenters for their Lodge meetings and events. The reading list will provide Masons with some direction for continued development. With our renewed focus on the values of Freemasonry, I believe that both of these endeavors will serve as a candle to help light and guide the path of our many Masonic education seekers.

Again, I wish the sincerely thank the Grand Lodge Officers for their continued support of Masonic Education and particularly our committee retreat this past weekend. Additionally I wish to thank Brothers Wallace and Rathbone as well as their Grand Lodge for supporting our education initiatives for our Brethren in Illinois.



Scott Dueball, P.M.

State Education Officer

Chairman-Committee on Masonic Education

Torok Foundation Board of Directors

e: SEO@ilmason.org c: 847-946-2177