Masonic Education - an introduction to our programs

Hello, my name is Scott Dueball and I serve the Masons of Illinois as the Statewide Education Officer. Masonic education in Illinois has two-pronged setup: the Committee on Masonic Education and the Education Officers chain of command.

Our Book of Constitutions and Bylaws establishes the Committee on Masonic Education as the content developers responsible for deciding what should be provided to Masons seeking education. This committee is made up of a number of Masons representing various backgrounds and Masonic experiences. Brother RJ Budler brings his professional experience in curriculum development to help the committee identify effective strategies for improving our educational programming. Another committee member, Brother Michael Overturf, brings a wealth of Masonic knowledge and represents the Southern Area's needs. Brother Overturf was awarded Masonic Educator of the Year by the Grand Lodge in 2017. In the future I hope to share more about the remaining members of our committee which include new and seasoned Masons as well as DDGMs.

The Education Officers at the Area and District levels are responsible for communicating and disseminating this enlightenment to the lodges and individual Masons. The Brethren are appointed to these roles by the Grand Master and are the primary means of sharing events and program updates with their constituent lodges. This group was instrumental in planning and rolling out the Grand Lodge Book of the Year program earlier this year. They also attend the Official Visits and share information related to Education. In their talks this year, we sought to emphasize the importance of strong investigations on the health of the lodge.

In the coming weeks and months, you start to see some of the fruits of this new group's labors. I am both excited and humbled to be serving in this capacity. I look forward to working with each of you to develop the hearts and minds of Illinois Freemasons!


R.W. Bro. Scott Dueball

State Education Officer

Chairman of the Masonic Education Committee.