Here's How IL CHIP Works.

The Masons of Illinois hold and fund the entire cost of the identification workshops for families all around the State. They are called IL CHIP events. They're sponsored by local Masons and held at neighborhood functions or at community schools. They put together everything parents need to help the authorities find their lost child. It's the most comprehensive program of its kind and is FREE OF CHARGE TO THE PARENTS!


Time is critical! Every year in the U.S. thousands of children become lost. A few are victims of abduction.


What you get at an IL CHIP event

  • COLOR PHOTO that records an image and height and is digitized on a convenient USB drive.
  • RECORDED INTERVIEW captures the appearance, speech patterns, personal characteristics, and mannerisms for easy media distribution.
  • A DNA SAMPLE taken through a saliva cheek swab is the latest tool in the scientific arsenal to make positive ID's of lost children.
  • FINGERPRINTS are the oldest form of positive identification since they are unique to every person.