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Recommended Reading for New (and not so new) Masons

The books may be found in libraries, major bookstores, and from Masonic publishers such as the Southern California Lodge of Research (

  • The Newly Made Mason, by H.L. Hayward [hardcover (hc), 234 pages] An excellent started book full of Masonic facts on origin, history, and philosophy.
  • The Origins of Freemasonry, by David Stevenson [softcover (sc), 254 pages] Traces influences which formed early Freemasonry with evidence of its start in Scotland and subsequent spread to England.
  • The Pilgrim’s Path, by John J. Robinson [(sc), 178 pages] The most widely read Masonic book in years, written by a research who later became a Mason.
  • More About Masonry, by H.L. Hayward [(sc), 236 pages] Companion to #1 above relating to the origins, history, organization, and Grand Lodges.
  • Freemanson’s for Dummies, by Christopher Hodapp [(sc), 368 pages] An ency-clopedia of information about our Craft’s past, present and future. Good primer.
  • The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Freemasonry, by S. Brent Morris [(sc), 334 pages] Reveals truths and dispels myths surrounding Masonry for hundreds of years.
  • The Freemasons – A History of the World’s Most powerful Secret Society, by Japser Ridley [(sc), 359 pages] One reviewer states, “This might be the finest and the fairest historical review of Freemasonry ever published.
  • American Freemasons – Three Centuries of Building Community, by Mark Tabbert [(sc), 280 pages] Presented in coffee-table quality, describes Free-masonry’s relative importance in society in different historical times.
  • Builders, by Joseph Fort Newton [(hc), 345 pages] Outstanding classic of Masonic literature with a solid bibliography and nicely illustrated.
  • The Craft and Its Symbols, by Allen E. Roberts [(hc), 92 pages] An excellent treatise on Masonic symbols, their interpretation and application in daily life.
  • The Masonic Myth – Unlocking the Truth about Masonic Symbols, the Secret Rites, and the History of Freemasonry, by Jay Kinney [(sc), 263 pages] Sets the record straight about Masonry and reveals a truth far more compelling than the myths.
  • The Meaning of Masonry, by W.L. Wilmshurst [(sc), 173 pages] Interprets Masonic experience as progressive lessons, guiding one on a spiritual journey toward full realization of the psyche.
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