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Leadership Vision
Like any voluntary organization, Masonry seeks true leaders, not just able administrators, in order to succeed. We value skilled and committed leaders at all levels who will help other Masons produce results and manage change, using the following methods:
  • Developing rewards, recognition, and opportunities for meaningful involvement
  • Creating a unified vision in the organization
  • Devising a management structure for an organization of task forces
  • Ensuring the supply, preparation, and testing of top people.

Leadership is the key to maintaining Masonry’s role as a preeminent, viable, and growing Fraternity. Therefore, we strive to attract and develop men of high quality with leadership abilities who can innovate, focus on people, inspire trust, and plan for the future. Only such leaders can position Freemasonry to make a difference in the 21st century and convince men and their families that to be a Freemason is worth their time and effort.

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