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The Grand Master's Message

Dear Brethren,

Thank you, thank you truly for having the confidence in electing me to serve as your Grand Master for this State, kindly called, “The Land of Lincoln.” 

The honor and privilege that you have bestowed upon me is very humbling and I can assure you that I and all of “Your Grand Lodge Officers” will represent all Masons in this Jurisdiction, both in and out of Illinois, with dignity and decorum. 

While serving as your Most Worshipful Grand Master, my message is a simple one, as I mentioned at our 176th Annual Communication, there are two words you are going to hear often: Commitment and Civility.

COMMITMENT to the principles and ideals we swore to, while kneeling at the Altar of Freemasonry, we, each of us, repeatedly said it was of our free will and accord. My Brothers, we should never forget these principles and ideals. As a Master Mason it is important to remember the obligation you took and the promises you made to God, your Country, your Family, your Neighbor and yourself.  As a Mason, it is important that we all remember the duties and responsibilities we committed to voluntarily perform, even though there is no compensation, there is the satisfaction of having done a task well.  

Civility to one another in action, word and deed, ever acting with Faith, Hope and Love. Treating each other with courtesy and mutual respect.

All of the Programs that we have in place for Our Grand Lodge, such as The Grand Master's Award of Excellence, The Intender Program, Schools of Instruction, The Lodge Growth Program, IMOS, and ILCHIP will all continue with no major changes. You will notice that The Eureka Challenge will not be held this year and we will be working on ways to redevelop it and make it as fun and enlightening as it was in the past. 

Our Grand Lodge Town Halls will resume and I invite all of you to attend one in your Area, we have three scheduled in each Area. We have important subjects to cover, for instance, the importance of educating prospective Candidates, the Investigation process and the Intender Program to name just a few. It is also a great opportunity to exchange ideas, to ask questions and give us your concerns on Illinois Freemasonry.

Remember my Brethren, “No man accomplishes much without support from those around him.” With your assistance, this Grand Jurisdiction will thrive and grow. Together my Brethren, we will accomplish much!

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Anthony R. Cracco
Grand Master

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