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Get faster responses by reaching out directly to the appropriate Grand Lodge resource at 217-529-8900 using the following extensions:

Name Position Extension Responsibilities
Gwen Members Sv Rep 214 Coins for Children, life memberships, Society of King Solomon, and credit card donations
Robin Members Sv Rep 213 Membership changes, IL Chip, Blue Lightning, License Plate Information, and out of State/Jurisdiction information
Members Sv Rep 217 Address and contact information updates, reporting deaths, ordering supplies, and genealogy
Office Manager
211 50 Year Awards, MORI Database support, and office related topics
Outreach Services Director
212 Illinois Masonic Outreach Service
Jessica IMOS Support
215 IMOS Support and Military & First Responder program
Crystal Controller 220 Tax matters, including 990's, sales & property tax, estates & trusts, Insurance, and Bank related matters
Anna Accountant 221 Expense reimbursement and Accounts payable

 Grand Master Anthony Cracco  216
 Grand Secretary Frank Cline  210

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