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178th Annual Communications
Created: 8/22/2017

178th Annual Communications!

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Concerned about you in this time of need
Created: 9/8/2017

Tony R. Cracco
Grand Master 
  2866 Via Verde
Springfield, IL 62703
Phone:  217-529-8900 ext. 216
Email: grandmaster@ilmason.org 

To our Illinois Masonic Brethren and Widows:
I am writing on behalf of the Masons of Illinois to let you know we are concerned about you in this time of need.  We understand you may live in an area that could be potentially impacted by the impending hurricane and would like to help if we can. 
Illinois Masons through our Illinois Masonic Outreach Services program (e.g. IMOS) have programs to help with financial assistance in times when disaster strikes. Financial assistance is available through the IMOS program in certain emergency situations. The amount given is determined on a "case by case" basis, dependent on the type of disaster and individual needs. Types of emergency financial assistance available (but not limited to) include:

  • Assistance with paying for food/other basic needs (for those who are without)
  • Paying for the cost of a hotel stay (should a member have a loss of home/shelter)
  • Assistance with paying insurance deductibles
  • Assistance with the cost of repairs to a primary residence 

Talia J. Dean is our IMOS Director and can be reached at: (217)529-8900 ext. 212 or by email at: outreach@ilmason.org.   Please feel free to contact her for assistance and we will do all we can to help.  
I know the Grand Lodge Officers along with all Masons in Illinois wish you the best and sincerely hope you and your loved ones stay safe and secure.  
We look forward to helping wherever and however we can.  Please call to inquire into the help available to you.
Fraternally and sincerely,

Anthony R. Cracco
Grand Master 

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