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Created: 10/12/2017

Grand Lodge Leadership Development Committee

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Created: 1/3/2018

Some changes have been made to the “Our Leadership” section of your Grand Lodge website.

Instead of 10 choices in the drop-down menu, there are now 12.

One new addition is #11 on that list, namely “Lodge Instruction.” This page is dedicated to the members of the Board of Grand Examiners and lists Grand Lodge Instructors as well. This means the top two tables that have appeared under “Committees”, now also appear here. After a few weeks of overlap, these two tables will be deleted from the “Committees” page.

The other addition we have made is titled “Education Officers”.  It’s choice #12 in the drop-down menu and directs you to a page listing area and district education officers with links for email messages. Where you see the letters “TBA”, the Education Officer for that district has not yet been appointed. Look for names to be added to those cells soon.

Despite adding these two new sections, listings for the Chairman of the Board of Grand Examiners and Chairman of the Education Committee will continue to be found under “Committees”, as well in their respective new sections. This redundancy keeps the “Committees” page true to its title.

In making these changes, your Website Committee feels we accomplished three things:

  1. Improved accessibility and recognition for our education officers.
  2. Dedicated a full section to those brethren who are so committed to the work of our gentle craft and make them easier to locate on our site
  3. Reduced the amount of scrolling needed to find a chairman’s name on the “Committees” page.

As always, your questions, comments and feedback are welcome.

Bill Bussiere,
Chairman, Website Committee

Grand Master's Message
GL Golf Tournament
Created: 1/7/2018

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Hawaiian themed Gala
Created: 1/7/2018

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David Lynch Reception
Created: 1/3/2018


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