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Created: 9/22/2016

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Kaskaskia Lodge presents $12,000 in scholarships
Created: 7/3/2017

Red Bud, IL, 23 May 2017:  Kaskaskia Lodge No. 86, Red Bud, IL, presents $12,000 in scholarships to high school students in various high school graduation ceremonies in Randolph County, IL.  The scholarships were made possible by the Schaffner Masonic Scholarship Foundation.

The Schaffner Masonic Scholarship Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation which operates under the authority of a board of directors consisting of the five elected officers of Kaskaskia Lodge No. 86 of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons.  Funding of the Foundation is made possible through a gift from a member of the Lodge, Herbert "Herb" Hails Schaffner and his wife Glenda.

Herb says he dedicated the Foundation to the memory of his Grandfather William Henry Schaffner. Mr. Schaffner came to America in 1869 from Alsace, France, and became a member of Kaskaskia Lodge No. 86 in 1872.  William Henry Schaffner had a son, Herbert John Schaffner who became a member of the lodge in 1929 and he also had two grandsons, James Herbert Schaffner, who became a member in 1958 and Herbert Hails Schaffner who became a member in 1964.  On 30 May 2017, William Henry Schaffner's great grandson Herbert James Schaffner and his great-great grandson Tyler James Schaffner, both descendents of Herbert Hails Schaffner, were raised to Master Mason in Kaskaskia Lodge completing five generations of Schaffners who belong to the Lodge.

At the end of the 2017 school year, the Schaffner Masonic Scholarship Foundation presented twelve $1,000 scholarships to worthy students in the Randolph County, IL, area.  On 23 May, 2017, eight of the scholarship recipients and their parents attended a dinner party at Kaskaskia Lodge and received their $1,000 scholarship checks.

Portrayed from left to right are:
Front row:

Logan Colvis, Chester High School 
Megan Thompson, Red Bud High School 
Josh Diercks, Coulterville High School 
Emily Tudor, Chester High School 
Skylar Valleroy, Christ our Savior High School
Bailey McMurtry, Sparta High School 
Not present for picture Megan Ernst, Red Bud High School; Kandice Williams, Sparta High School; Drew Byington, Sparta High School; Deshantae Martin, Chester High School; Hannah Wetzel, Red Bud High School.

Back row:
*Herbert Hails Schaffner, Senior Deacon of Kaskaskia Lodge No. 86 (the benefactor of the scholarship funds.)
Tyler James Schaffner (grandson of benefactor)
Herbert James Schaffner (son of benefactor)
*Auston E. "Gene" Smith, Worshipful Master of Kaskaskia Lodge No. 86
*Matthew James Osborn, Junior Warden of Kaskaskia Lodge No. 86
*Richard Earl Heuman, Treasurer of Kaskaskia Lodge No. 86
*Kenneth Ross Slavens, Secretary of Kaskaskia Lodge No. 86
Lance Anthony Osborn, Junior Deacon, Kaskaskia Lodge No. 86

*NOTE:  Those names preceded by an asterisk are the Board Members of the Schaffner Masonic Scholarship Foundation.



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