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Created: 10/7/2017

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Created: 10/12/2017

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IMOS Disaster Relief Assistance
Created: 9/28/2017

Dear Brethren:
In lieu of the recent severe weather that many are experiencing, this director wanted to post a reminder of the Illinois Masonic Outreach Services (IMOS) Disaster Relief Plan. Financial assistance can be offered through the IMOS program in emergency situations for Illinois Master Masons, their Spouses, and Widows. The amount given is to be determined on a "case by case" basis, dependent on the type of disaster and individual needs. Types of emergency financial assistance available (but not limited to) include:

  • Assistance with the cost of repairs to a primary residence
  • Assistance with paying insurance deductibles
  • Paying for the cost of a hotel stay (should a member have a loss of home/shelter)
  • Assistance with paying for food/other basic needs (for those who are without) 

Should you be in need of our assistance – or you know of someone who is - please contact the IMOS Program at: (217)529-8900 ext. 212 or by email at: The Grand Lodge Officers and the IMOS Board of Managers wish you the best and sincerely hope you and your love ones are safe and secure. 


Talia J. Dean
Director, Illinois Masonic Outreach Services

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