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Brother Douglas MacArthur
Date: 12/28/2014


Douglas MacArthur lived his entire life, from cradle to grave, in the United States Army. He spent his early years in remote sections of New Mexico, where his father, Arthur MacArthur Jr., commanded an infantry company.

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Lodge La Luz No. 3 in San Jose, Costa Rica
Date: 1/13/2015

R.W.B. Loayza in the back row with a member of the Grand Lodge while the current dais officers are in the front row.

Right Worshipful Brother Joseph F. Loayza made an official visit to Lodge La Luz No. 3 in San Jose, Costa Rica in July of this year. This lodge was chartered in the late 19th Century, before the Grand Lodge of Costa Rica was organized in 1899. He was a special guest in the East for the evening. His visit coincided with the conferral of an Entered Apprentice Degree, and a Grand Lodge of Costa Rica visit. 

La Luz Lodge No. 3, formally chartered Dec. 7, 1899, uses green bordered aprons, and uses the ritual as established by the Grand Lodge of Scotland.  It is noteworthy that La Luz Lodge is the only lodge in Costa Rica that uses green bordered aprons. This is because of the strong Irish and Scottish influence on the Lodge. The membership is mainly local businessmen and they traditionally speak English in the meetings.

Loayza is familiar with Scottish ritual.  He had the opportunity to attend a Fellowcraft Degree conferral in Edinburgh, Scotland when he visited the lodge of the famous Scottish Poet, Robert Burns, on a previous European trip. 

Additionally, R.W.B. Loayza presented the Illinois Grand Master's Recognition of Unity Medallion to M.W.P.G.M. Stuart Sanabria Troyo of the Grand Lodge of Costa Rica who was representing Grand Master Hirish that evening. There was a formal exchange of greetings on behalf of both Grand Lodges and assurance that the medallion would be placed in the Museum of the Grand Lodge of Costa Rica, recognizing the fraternal bond between both Grand Lodges. After the Degree Work, a dinner was held and toasts were made to both Grand Lodges.

 Grand Lodge Seal of Costa Rica.

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Masonic Research
What is the symbolism of the Masonic Apron?
Date: 8/10/2014

There is no one of the symbols of Speculative Masonry more important in its teachings, or more interesting in its history, than the lambskin, or white leather apron...

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Featured Writer: Bro. John Loayza
Lodge Principles For Future Officers
Date: 1/13/2015

Featured Writer: Bro. John Loayza

Brethren, every successful organization is changing in the 21st Century, thus, managers who are leaders in business or lodge officers are also changing in the way in which they lead...

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Topics in Masonry
The Count Of Auschwitz
Date: 4/9/2014
Recently, I was surfing though a list of prominent Freemasons looking for someone of interest to read about. I came upon the name of Charles Coward. This name did not raise any interest. What caught my eye and piqued my interest was the subtitle next to Charles Coward’s name, “The Count of Auschwitz”...
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